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Growing Girls

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Real-life breast expansion stories

Updated 7-25-01

I created this site so that both women and men can share their love and experiences with breast expansion. Unless you were born with your head in the ground, or went to an all boy school, you can probably think of several stories. All stories should be in the PG-17 range, we don't want stories about one's sexual exploits here. We want to hear about the real thing, so let's stick to real-life stories; if you want to write fiction, please contribute it to the Breast Expansion Archives' story section. Any story that has strong sexual content or appears to be fiction will not be posted. For this site to prosper, we will need a continuous supply of stories, so let's get to writing. Ask everyone you know to summit a story. I hope you all enjoy your visit to my site. Send your stories to Growing Girls

Things to include in your stories:

Description (age, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, breast size-before and after, inches and or cup sizes, estimate if needed)

Persons involved (yourself, friends, relatives)

Emotions involved (excitement, envy, joy, pride, ect.)

Include before and after photos if you like. (NO NUDES, tight clothes, bras, or bikinies please)

Anything else that you think will make your story more interesting.

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